Premium Golf Domain Names is located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex area.  We provide a limited number of Premium .golf domains that are available on a first come basis.   All of the domain names were acquired at the initial .golf roll out, many of which were purchased directly through the registrar through a bidding process prior to the roll out to the general public.

Why purchase a .golf TLD?

Excellent demographics!  The National Golf Association states at least 26 million people play golf.   The average age of a golfer is 46,  68% are married, 67% attended or graduated from college, and 50% are employed in a white collar occupation.  The average household income of a golfer is $95,000, 83% own securities, 68% own a home, and 18% have 2 or more homes!

The disposable income for the average golfer is higher than non-golfers.  56% spent $30,000+ on their last vehicle purchase, 28% spent $40,000+ on their last vehicle and 32% own or lease 3 or more vehicles.  80% took a domestic flight or business trip in the past year, and 40% plan their vacations around golf courses or resorts.  Golfers are also 75% more likely to own a boat or recreational vehicle.  To sum it up, the golf industry is an exceptional demographic to focus on and market to.

We provide premium golf related domain names to companies that are focused on marketing to a demographic with a higher than average disposable income than the average individual.  If you would like to inquire about or purchase a domain that we have available, simply send us an email through our CONTACT page and we will follow up with you promptly.  Indicate if you prefer email or telephone communication,  provide your contact information and let us know the best time of day to reach you.

In addition to premium domain names, we also provide complete turnkey digital and printed marketing / branding services for startups and existing companies.  Our 25 plus years of advertising and design experience allows us to assist with logo design, website development, e-commerce, SEO, branded print and promotional products, and much more.

Thank you for visiting  We look forward to assisting you with your golf related ventures and marketing.